Accelerated Learning
  and Christian living
 For Children in
Kindergarten - Fourth Grade

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God
Matthew 5:9

                                                                                       August, 2013

Dear Parents,

      Years ago I dreamed of teaching at a school where children were treated with utmost love and respect and where teachers could pray openly with their students. I had been a teacher in the public school systems in Stamford and New Haven, but was frustrated with the large classroom environments where I had little opportunity to form relationships with my students.  I longed to give them so much more personal attention than was humanly possible under the circumstances. Many of my students had a great deal of trouble focusing, while others desperately needed to be challenged. In addition, my young students suffered from a great deal of stress in their personal lives, which inhibited their ability to work to their full potential and negatively impacted their personal relationships.

        How wonderful would it be if schools were places where academic standards were high, the classroom sizes were small, and teachers could tend to the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of their students in a joyful learning environment?  In September 2007, by God's grace All Nations Christian Academy was founded to address these needs.    

       For six years many children have tasted academic success at All Nations, who might not have otherwise. They have also come to know the love of Christ through relationships with teachers who listen and care for them individually. 

       Our school has a capacity of 30 students. While we are small  our vision is great: To form leaders who have the integrity, perseverance, and faith needed to shape the future of this nation.

           We hope you will visit us and see for yourself what a great opportunity All Nations offers the children of Greater New Haven. For an appointment, please call me at 203-467-6083.

Have a blessed day,

Blanca Little